Unmeasured and Unmatched Quality

Many companies will tell you the many loyal and dependable companies included in their family. These are the ones that have been there through the many years of growth and struggle. For the Blue Ember family – The Manchester Cooperative Credit Union is one of our closest members and our longest client.

Thus we personally ensure that the quality of work that was done was indeed unmeasured and unmatched. One of our strongest abilities as Blue Ember, is to provide full support for our clients through many different avenues. Therefore, we embarked on doing a complete brand development for the company.

We ensured that the company had endless marketing and Advertising support through marketing campaigns that was planned and executed to perfection. A wide range of services were provided which included promotional items such as vehicle wraps, banners, feather banners, flyers, etc. Also, we followed up with creating radio and television ads that would captivate and encourage potential customers to join.

With our help, the company was able to win the Most Outstanding Parish Credit Union of the year for 2016 – 2017. The director, Michael Gottshalk, has said:

“Blue Ember played a vital role in us achieving and maintaining this award. Their help in rebranding and the over all promotion of our union was so necessary. With their help the public knows more about our services.”

The process of modifying the name, logo, design, symbol or anything else that defines a brand are sometimes necessary to a company that wants to reposition itself in the market, or even just modernize their look. With the implementation of this strategy Manchester Cooperative Credit Union has taken on a whole new platform as a leader in their field. A leader with appealing visual presence. The team looks on proudly as we have loved and enjoyed walking through this process of brand development.

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