If you are not aware, the Universal Service Fund is an agency found under the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology. Our team has gotten the extreme privilege of working closely with a group who provides access to information and communication tools to facilitate country development.

The USF is committed to ensuring that one of the greatest developmental tools in the world be available to the Jamaican citizens in order to create a complete knowledge-based society that we all can be proud of. We are committed to aid them in their development of our beautiful country.

Blue Ember has had the privilege of coming on board to revamp the brand. We assisted the Public Relations Department, working side by side with the marketing department to create a new face for the company. A large project that we were able to be apart of was an event put on by the MInistry of Science, Energy and Technology led by Dr. the Hon. Andrew Wheatley. Images can be seen below.

With our ability to help the Universal Service Fund, we have also helped to support their sister companies – ENSOL – Energy Management Solutions, E- Learning Jamaica and Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica. Working with these companies we have helped in many ways to be nation builders of our own companies.

In the end, we were involved in every aspect of overseeing the total refurbishing of the brand. From motion to print, the team was able to restore and build the company brand from scratch starting with brand development and brand marketing. As for its other sister company, E-Learning Jamaica, we helped with the digital, motion and photography aspect which had elevated the company to higher heights where Jamaicans can increase their wisdom and knowledge.

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