Who would have guessed that a boot production plant, at one point only producing 60 boots per hour, would one day become a leading Jamaican distributor and manufacturer.

Fast forward quite a few years, Wisynco now distributes 110 brands with more than 4,000 different products including beverages, grocery and synthetic items. When this great company began the process of introducing a new product to the market – we were contacted. Thus began the birth of Ironade – Jamaica’s newest energy drink.


Now with any birth there is a stage of conceptualization. Thoughts of “what could be” begin and then take life. The team was able to put their heads together and completely grow the brand from conception to shelf. Using our skills in communication we first created a captivating slogan – “Transform Your Energy” – from there everything has moved steadily uphill.

Our brand development of Ironade encapsulated – all digital items. From motion graphics to social media campaign support. We also were in charge of the creation and part printing of all physical materials – including banners, billboard design, shelf hangers, t-shirt designs, and so much more. We have helped to grown the popularity and look of this tasty drink. The product at the moment is available in three flavors – wild berry, orange and tropical. With such a selection the team handled with expert care the large variety of promotional material needed to promote each item individually but as a cohesive whole.

With the availability of Ironade in over 3,000 locations islandwide, the idea has become a successful reality. We are proud to be associated with this product and the kind of success that comes from a strong team behind the creation a brands identity.

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